Brooklyn Bread Co. "ROYO" Goes National

While we always make sure your favorite ROYO bread loaves and bagels are available online, all year round, for your convenience, it may interest you to know that we’re available for in-store purchase in various grocery stores throughout the U.S., too!

If you’re a New Yorker, a New Jerseyan (yep, it’s a word!), or a South Floridian, you can fulfill all of your ROYO cravings, wants and needs at any of the following stores:




Visit our “Where to Buy” page to access the full addresses and phone numbers of each of these grocery stores; what can we say - we’re all about making things easy for you (including eating healthily)!

Whichever happens to be your local store, we always recommend calling ahead to double check inventory and flavors offered, to avoid disappointment. You’re too busy for a wasted trip!

Dying to see ROYO bread in a store near you? The feeling’s oh so mutual; we’d love to be there! The best thing you can do, as a customer, is to ask to speak to or pass a message to the store manager, requesting that they carry ROYO products. Remember, there’s power in numbers, so the more requests the merrier!

You can also shoot us an email at, to let us know to reach out to the store ourselves! (Although the most effective way is to show your local manager that they already have some loyal ROYO fans amongst their clientele, of course!)

It’s been a truly amazing journey so far, and we can’t wait to see where the next few months take us. We look forward to the day where you can stumble across us in the bread aisle! Until then, we’ll keep shipping to you nationwide throughout all 50 U.S. States and territories. Thanks for your support!