How Do You RoYo? Featuring Sophie Greene, Creator of @thehealthyaddiction_

This post is part of an ongoing series called How Do You RoYo, where we focus on people's food creativity and the way they express their creativity in the kitchen. This week, we talked to Sophie Greene, creator of @thehealthyaddiction_! She is a curator of healthy recipes, inspiration, fashion, and motivation. Currently based on the east coast, we talk about her food passion, favorite meals, and her favorite way to eat RoYo Bread

  • How did you become so passionate about food and cooking? I have always loved cooking! Growing up, my mom cooked dinner for us every night so it was always something I was used to helping out with. Once I decided to really change my diet, it became so fun finding new ways to make my favorite foods. 

  • What foods make you feel the most confident?Hard question. I love fruit, smoothies, and most breakfast foods. They definitely set the tone for my day. 

  • If you’re short on time, what’s one quick meal that you can grab on the go? I love toast with anything but usually I’ll have some sort of muffin in the fridge or freezer that I can just grab.

  • What is your favorite thing to make with RoYo Bread? I love it as toast with peanut butter and banana with some cinnamon sprinkled on top. And the new buns are SO good. 

  • Who is your food inspiration and why? I love Rachel Mansfield. She makes everything look so delicious and easy! 

  • What’s one kitchen trick that you recommend to your followers? Always have frozen cauliflower in the freezer!! You can use it in absolutely anything!

  • If you can choose to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? Probably some sort of cheese or pasta. I’ll never say no to a bowl of pasta.