Living Keto: What Is Keto and How Can I Practice It?


Keto ROYO Bread



Let's be real. Keto is EVERYWHERE now. What is it, how is it beneficial, and why are people OBSESSED with this new trend? 

Let's begin. 'Keto' is short for a ketogenic diet. The concept of a ketogenic diet is pretty basic: Take most of the carbohydrates you’re consuming and replace them with protein and healthy fats like eggs. This way, your body reaches a metabolic state known as ketosis; when in ketosis, the body burns fat at a higher rate, using it as fuel instead of glucose. It also converts fat cells into ketones in the liver, which provide energy for the brain. A standard keto diet has a target of 70% fat, 20% protein, and just 10% carbs, although these targets change with different variations of the eating plan.


Some say that when combined with intermittent fasting, our bodies reach a ketosis state faster than without. But once we get to ketosis and stay there, what are some health benefits aside from weight loss?


There are some interesting finds. According to the Mayo Clinic, “As many as half of young people with epilepsy had fewer seizures after following the diet. And some early research suggests it may have benefits for blood sugar control among people with diabetes.” There is also some evidence to support that a keto diet can contribute to better skin, heart health, brain function, and even reducing the risk of some cancers. 

It’s clear that a ketogenic diet can potentially provide many benefits and promote a healthy weight, it’s always nice to know that even without many carbs, keto followers still have options. And ROYO bread is one of them. For starters, ROYO bread is keto-friendly because it’s flaxseed-based, making it only ONE net carbs per slice (a keto-lover's DREAM!) Plus, ROYO bread contains zero grams (yes, zero) of sugar, and a lot of protein and fiber by the slice. 


As a keto-friendly food option, ROYO bread is extremely versatile and is the perfect addition for people following the keto diet! Top your slices with high fat options like: butter, eggs, avocado, meat, nut butters, olive oil, tuna, sardines, etc. The options are endless! This past July, ROYO Bread Co. introduced ROYO Buns into the market with Keto customers in mind! Gone are the days where you removed your buns and replaced them with lettuce! You can now enjoy a sizzling, juicy burger on a delicious low carb ROYO Bun. Trust me, these do not disappoint! For more ideas, see the KETO Food List below for some more options! There you have it: an easier and yummier path to keto!

Keto Food List
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