Pizza Gets A Healthy Makeover

It’s been called the world’s most popular food… the average American eats 40 pies worth per year…. and yet we still kinda think pizza gets a bad rep? There, we said it. 

Often labelled “junk food”, many health-conscious consumers prefer to stay as far away from pizza as possible. This may be because, nowadays, most commercial versionsare made with unhealthy ingredients; highly refined doughs, sauces with added sugar and salt, high fat cheeses, and popular toppings including heavily processed meats like pepperoni. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When looked at as a sum of all its individual parts, pizza doesn’t necessarily equal junk. A flat, dough-based crust + tomatoes + cheese doesn’t have to make for an unhealthy, calorific meal. You’ve just got to know the right tricks.

Good quality, nutritional ingredients mean pizza can absolutely fit into a balanced and healthy diet. Think about it: the cheese sprinkled on top provides key nutrients such as calcium and protein. Vegetable toppings can provide vitamins and minerals. Whole grain or flaxseed-heavy crusts can provide a ton of healthy fiber, too!

So, let’s give pizza a healthy makeover with this delicious recipe:

Pizza Toast

  1. Take 2 slices of ROYO’s 30 Calorie Low Carb Artisan Bread.

  2. Lightly toast the bread. It should be less toasted than you would normally like it.

  3. For the easiest, no-cook tomato sauce:
  • take 1 can of crushed fire roasted tomatoes, 1 small clove of garlic, a sprinkle of dried oregano and a glug of olive oil
  • blend all ingredients together until fully combined

4. Spread your desired amount of sauce onto the lightly toasted bread.

5. Take a fresh tomato, cut it into slices (medium thickness), and place on top of the sauce.

6. Add a sprinkle of low-fat cheese, such as part-skim mozzarella.

7. Add any extra toppings you desire – we recommend lean meats and fish for extra protein, such as chicken breast or canned tuna, and/or lots of veggies!

8. Place under the grill and broil under high heat, until cheese is melted. Keep a close eye on this! The edges of your toast can burn easily if not watched.

(Pro Tip: Try this recipe in Pizza Bagel form! AKA the greatest and most nostalgic treat of our youth).