Thinking Beyond Toast: 9 Unexpected Ways to Use ROYO Bread

We rarely think about bread as more than bread. It’s that thing we eat in the morning with scrambled eggs, or at lunch with salad, or at dinner with soup, perhaps. Maybe we throw on some butter or avocado to spice it up. But what about the transformations, big and small, that we can make using bread, and even a wholesome and healthy bread like ROYO. We’ve rounded up 9 delicious and unexpected ways you can use your ROYO slices that might inspire you to embrace a ROYO loaf even more than you already do!

1. Practical Prep: Bread Crumbs

Is the bread starting to get a bit stale? Once it dries up, throw the rest of your ROYO loaf into the food processor and get a fine grind on it. Season as desired and use it on everything from chicken to homemade veggie burgers.

2. Sweet Holidays: Panettone

Panettone is the classic Italian Christmas cake you’ve never heard of. Grind dried classic ROYO up into a fine flour to use as the base of this tall, pretty, and festive holiday confection.

3. Très delicious: Tartine

The French speciality, tartine, is a chic, piled-high open-faced sandwich that uses just one slice and offers a universe of possibilities. Think a poached egg, micro-greens, beans, avocado, hummus, eggplant spread, olive spread or fresh veggies on a toasted slice. Chef’s kiss!

4. Ooey and Gooey: Panini

Who doesn’t love a pressed Italian-style sandwich that doesn’t feel complete until melty cheese is oozing out of it? Create a healthier version of classic panini recipes (fun fact: it’spanino in singular) using ingredients like mushrooms, tuna, and fresh tomatoes. 

5. Salad’s Best Friend: The Crouton

Get a nice dice on your two-day-old zaatar or sesame loaf, coat it in olive oil, season, and throw in the oven. And voilà! An alluring salad that’s all the more delicious and crunchy.

6. Warm Up With French Onion Soup

It’s the second French thing on this list, but not the less inviting! Especially appealing in wintertime, thepièce de résistance of this hearty soup is the gooey toasted bread blanketing the soup, which itself is blanketed in bubbling cheese. Oui! 

7. Brunch Bestie: French Toast

Who doesn’t love either a sweet or savory iteration of this breakfast staple? Eggs, cheese, syrup, powdered sugar...whatever strikes your fancy to make your morning extra-yummy. Plus, if your ROYO slices have been left out for a day or two, no worries—it’ll still taste A+.

8. Divine Dessert: Bread Pudding

Using eggs, milk (or mylk), sugar, vanilla, and a medley of other potential ingredients, your leftover ROYO bread turns into a warm, soft, and irresistible dessert. What a second life for your leftover slices!

9. Delectable Grilled Cheese

The best part about grilled cheese is that it doesn’t need a grill at all. Just a pan, a couple of your favorite ROYO slices, oil or butter, and of course, cheese. Extras like caramelized onions, mayo, and mustard will take your grilled cheese to new heights. Go vegan and use dairy-free cheese alternatives if you’re so inclined. Now, to cut crosswise or diagonally?

Choose any or all of these possibilities to make sure your ROYO loaf never gets boring or goes to waste. Enjoy these wonderful foods during the holidays and beyond, morning or night. Because why not?



Jasmine Dilmanian is a writer and editor based in New York who always has an eye on the latest in personal health. As of late, she has contributed to the Heavenly Tea Leaves blog and worked with NYT best-selling author and mental wellness guru, Jessica Joines. Jasmine has contributed to various lifestyle and fashion publications including The New YorkerTown & CountryNew York magazine/The Cut, Womenswear DailyTravel + Leisure, Tablet, and Time Out. Proficient in multiple languages, Jasmine's interests include travel, health, interior design (Instagram: @downfordecor), media, music, fashion, and politics.