What Is Resistant Wheat Starch And Why Is It The Hottest New Ingredient in the Baking World?

Watch out, world. A revolutionary new ingredient is here to change the way we consume carbohydrates. Introducing: resistant wheat starch. Never heard of it? Sounds a little intimidating? Never fear. Resistant wheat starch is completely natural, and the science behind it will blow your mind.

Resistant wheat starch is essentially a replacement for regular flour, that has been developed following years of scientific research. It allows food manufacturers to create baked goods whose taste and texture is exactly like the ones you know, love, and crave - just with added nutritional benefits.

These increased benefits center around one thing: dietary fiber. Insoluble dietary fiber is a substance contained in foods, that cannot be broken down by human digestive enzymes. This makes it virtually a zero calorie food. It also leaves you feeling fuller for longer.

Mostly found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, dietary fiber has a huge range of health benefits. It’s crucial for keeping the gut healthy. It can reduce the risk of diabetes (through maintaining healthy blood sugar levels), cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases. It also helps regulate weight loss and improves digestion.

Experts agree that most people in the United States are not consuming anywhere near enough fiber in their daily diets. In fact, some shocking statistics show that only 5% of the population achieve an adequate daily intake. We’ve got to step it up, America!

That’s where the benefits of Resistant Wheat Starch come in. Regular flour, used in things like breads, cakes, and breakfast cereals, typically contains 25% dietary fiber and 75% starch. The chemical bond structure of resistant wheat starch is changed through a heating, cooling, and reheating process, so that it typically contains a whopping 75% total dietary fiber instead - that’s three times as much!

What does this mean in practice? Well, it means that products that contain resistant wheat starch, such as our 30 Calorie Low Carb Artisan Bread and Low Carb Bagels, allow consumers to increase their daily fiber intake and decrease their carb intake without having to compromise on texture or taste.

The bread keeps you feeling satiated for longer, and tastes and feels almost too good to be true! Take it from our customers:

“This bread legitimately tastes like REAL bread. I couldn't believe it.” – Darah.

“Tastes like authentic, mouth-watering, fresh Italian bread, especially when toasted!” – Sarah H.

“I am obsessed. The texture is amazing, the taste is 10/10.” – Dori.

So, there you have it. Next time you see resistant wheat starch on your food labels, you’ll have all the background knowledge to make an informed decision. Try it for yourself and enjoy!