How We Got to the Perfect ROYO Bread Taste

ROYO bread is pretty mind blowing. With a practically identical taste and texture to standard bread - and a ton of added health benefits to boot - it can be hard for many customers to believe it’s real!

Well, rest assured, you aren’t dreaming. It’s reallythatgood. So, what was our process? How did we get to that perfect ROYO bread taste that so many crave and enjoy (guilt free!) today? 

It’s been a long road, with years of testing, research, and development along the way… but we’re not ones to keep secrets. Let’s get into some of the details:

ROYO Bread Co. began back in 2019, when co-founder husband and wife duo, Ronit (a registered dietitian) and Yoel (a lifelong baker), set out on a quest to create a healthier, more delicious bread than they could find in the supermarket.

It had to be high fiber, low carb and plant based. Plus, the last thing they wanted to do was include added sugars, harmful preservatives or any of those other strange ingredients you can’t pronounce, that are featured on so many bread labels!

Ronit and Yoel started experimenting with recipes, and gave out countless samples to friends, family and colleagues. Then, after receiving their testers’ feedback and opinions, they would go back and finetune the recipe.

Then, they did it all over again (and again, and again, and again).

8 months of R&D went by, making dozens of small and seemingly insignificant tweaks to their recipe and production process: things such as the temperature of the water used in the bread recipe, and adding or removing minute quantities of ingredients were all taken into consideration.

See, bread is a living and breathing thing. The subtleties are what really makes the difference. 

And in the end, it paid off! They ended up with the Classic Low Carb Protein Bread & Low Carb Protein Buns!

Shortly after the launch of their first two products, they were back in the kitchen working on new products. 2021 was a big year for ROYO with the launch of FOUR new products…

  • August 2021: Launch of the now best-selling 30-Calorie Artisan Bread.
  • November 2021: Launch of Plain & Sesame Low Carb NY Bagels.
  • December 2021: Launch of the best selling Low Carb NY Bagel: THE EVERYTHING BAGEL.

We wonder where the journey will take them next… Watch this space.