Invest In Your Health In 2021

Benefits of Eating ROYO Bread

While the December holidays are just passing us by and we’re entering 2021, many of us are glad to leave this unprecedented year behind…including some of our old habits. Looking ahead to not just New Year’s Eve but the actual new year, we owe it to ourselves to leave whatever negativity or stagnancy we experienced last year and welcome our full potential when it comes to health and wellness.


In our humble opinion, the best way to start refocusing on health and wellness is on redefining it. Our traditional black-and-white notions of health might be counterproductive. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach in 2021, why not zoom in on what makes you feel healthy, fulfilled, and balanced? 

Of course, the key word there is “balance.” Balance is what helps keep us in check, avoid unhealthy and extreme habits, and maintain a clean lifestyle long term. What balance is not: extreme deprivation, hunger, over-eating, binging, over-elimination, a poor relationship with food, inactivity, overactivity, a poor self-image, and stress. There are many elements that comprise our lives, and those elements are constantly changing (especially in a year like this one). Our work lives, relationships, locations, medical experiences, friendships, family lives, spiritual lives, educational pursuits, eating habits, and movement levels and types are constantly evolving, leaving us easily susceptible to a fall off the wagon.

To counteract a fall like this, and to keep that balance alive, it is important in the coming year to prioritize the constants in our own lives. This includes healthy habits that happen daily and roughly at the same time and pace each day. Not only does this keep our bodies in sync, but it also helps calm our minds, which in turn helps regulate our bodies! It’s a beautiful cycle, folks. 

And since constants are routines are so important, we’re better off picking at least a few wholesome items to include to make sure that we’re nourished daily. Aside from the obvious fruits and veggies, it’s also beneficial to include other minimally processed foods and beverages like green tea, nuts and legumes, and ROYO Bread. ROYO is a simple bread with a few whole ingredients; it’s naturally dairy-free, keto-friendly, vegan, and non-GMO. It contains a ton of protein and fiber, keeping you full until the next meal without anything artificial or calorie-dense getting in your way.

ROYO Bread is delicious, versatile, and great for you—just one of many plant-based, body-friendly items to help get us back on track from the outside in this year. Cheers to 2021!



Jasmine Dilmanian is a writer and editor based in New York who always has an eye on the latest in personal health. As of late, she has contributed to the Heavenly Tea Leaves blog and worked with NYT best-selling author and mental wellness guru, Jessica Joines. Jasmine has contributed to various lifestyle and fashion publications including The New YorkerTown & CountryNew York magazine/The Cut, Womenswear DailyTravel + Leisure, Tablet, and Time Out. Proficient in multiple languages, Jasmine's interests include travel, health, interior design (Instagram: @downfordecor), media, music, fashion, and politics.