It's a Family Affair

Perhaps you’re familiar with our story, how we came to be here at ROYO Bread Co., and our growth over the years. Maybe you’ve seen the faces of our co-founding duo on our “About Us” page and could even recognize them on the street (hello, celeb spotting!). Or maybe this is all brand new to you!

Whatever the case may be, one thing you may be interested to know about ROYO Bread Co. is that this company is most definitely a family affair. Let’s take you back to the start, and introduce you to the ROYO Family… 

When registered dietitian, Ronit, and her lifelong baker husband, Yoel, set out on their quest to bring a healthy, clean bread to the market in 2019, their shared passion was just a dream. 

They wanted to create something healthy and tasty, with no artificial sweeteners or nasty preservatives; something they simply couldn’t find for themselves or their family members in any local supermarket, no matter how hard they tried.

So, they set about working together and building a company as a married couple, while Ronit simultaneously transitioned into female entrepreneurship. New, unexplored territory? Check. Challenging at times? Absolutely. Utterly worthwhile? Without shadow of a doubt. 

Being able to support one another through product development, recipe testing, logistical issues, expansion, and the many stages of ROYO’s growth, all the while maintaining their shared vision, has been an incredible journey for this power team.

And guess who’s been right there alongside them, to help them as they go? Ronit and Yoel’s son, Gill, and daughter, Doreen, of course! The second generation of ROYO bread lovers. 

While both Gill and Doreen are involved in a variety of ROYO’s activities, Gill mainly focuses on the day-to-day operations and logistics of the business, while Doreen focuses on marketing. (Speaking of the latter, are you following our social media!? Click on these links to follow us on IG and Facebook, and keep up to date on all the latest ROYO news!)

So, there you have it! We stan a family that rallies together around a worthy cause. And what could be more worthwhile than bringingyou deliciously satisfying, low-carb bread!?