Ronit and ROYO: The Story of a Woman-Led Business

Co-Founder of ROYO Bread Ronit

To celebrate Women’s History Month, the ROYO Team is encouraging all women to share their stories and continue breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings across various industries. Today, we are honoring ROYO’s very own co-founder, Ronit.

Ronit moved to New York in the mid-1980s and quickly acclimated to a bustling city filled with promise. Soon after, she began her career as a clinical nutritionist with a vision of creating a healthier community and promoting better relationships with food. Ronit was exceptionally passionate about finding more wholesome and healthful alternatives to high-glycemic foods because of a close family member’s difficult experience battling Type 2 diabetes. 

Flash forward: years later, Ronit was catering to hundreds of clients, but from a health perspective, she could only recommend cardboard-like low-glycemic breads for her patients who had trouble with weight, blood sugar regulation, and other conditions. This left many of those trying to improve their diets and lifestyles with a poor choice: sacrifice your health or sacrifice delicious foods. 

But Ronit was not willing to accept this as the case. She decided to take matters into her own hands. Despite the lack of many strong female food entrepreneurs before her, she knew it was possible and went ahead with her fledgling idea. After extensive recipe testing and plenty of tinkering, and with a solid business plan in place, she created her own bread—one that not only met her clients’ dietary needs, but that also put taste at the forefront, and most importantly, one that she could fully embrace and eat daily, herself. 

After all, she wondered, what good does eating bread do if you can’t take pleasure in it?

Today, ROYO creates a full line of keto-friendly, high-fiber, low-sugar, high-protein, super-tasty breads. The company is still growing (if you ask Ronit, it’s just getting started) and remains woman-led when it comes to even the smallest of day-to-day decisions, as Ronit believes that a hands-on approach is the only way to fully grow into her vision. The lesson in this co-founder and CEO’s story is one of determination and problem-solving. It is also one of confidence; Ronit not only thought, butknew that she could use her unique skill set to solve for a problem in the market, and that as a woman who understood women and health, and who had a supportive team around her, she was well-positioned to make ROYO a reality. 

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, the team at ROYO bread praises its founder, Ronit, for her sheer will, determination, and selflessness, which has resulted in a wonderful product that is making the world a healthier place. Cheers to bread with benefits, and to the women around the world who continue to move and shake it every day.