Stacking Up: ROYO vs. Other “Healthy” Breads

Packaged Bread in a Supermarket Shelf

Take a walk down the bread aisle at your local market and you’ll find a bevy of sliced breads that appear, at least on the label, to be health-promoting and wholesome. But often there are gimmicks that present these loaves as less innocent than they really are. You might be wondering how ROYO stacks up to these so-called health breads.

To start, all ROYO products are plant-based, vegan, and egg-free. This means no funky stuff that isn’t from the Earth and no animal products or byproducts. While ROYO products are protein-rich thanks to a proprietary flaxseed blend as the base of our dough, it doesn’t include any meat, poultry, dairy, or synthetic powders that are typically seen in healthy-ish supermarket and bakery breads. You can feel good about ROYO’s dedication to ingredients that come right from the ground, unadulterated.

What’s next? Soy-free! While many supposedly healthy products these days are soy-based, it is often recommended by health experts tolimit your soy intake (especially for women). Soy is also often processed beyond recognition, taking away much of its original nutritional value. For this reason, ROYO’s recipes preclude soy completely, making it a safe and guilt-free choice for daily consumption.

ROYO bread is a naturally low-calorie food (without using artificial sweeteners as a crutch), coming in at about 80 calories a slice. Other breads with similar calorie counts contain one key ingredient that ROYO doesn’t: cane sugar! We don’t believe sugar is the answer when it comes to baking a wholesome and healthy slice. You will never see cane or any other type of straight-up sugar (or worse, corn syrup!) on a ROYO label. Plus, when it comes to mass, ROYO’s slice comes in as a larger slice than many “thin”-sliced breads with similar calorie density.

Many such breads don’t contain much fiber, either. They might be low-carb or high-fiber, but rarely both. Thanks to our special ingredient blend, every ROYO loaf manages to deliver a heavy dose of fiber, an even heavier dose of protein (did somebody say “I’m full”?), and as few as six grams of carbohydrates (which many dietitians believe can be completely offset in the body with an equal amount of fiber). 

What’s more, ROYO products are fully keto-friendly. With a rise in popularity of the ketogenic diet, many adherents feel limited and try to avoid. Certain “sprouted grain” breads marketed as health foods contain carb-heavy ingredients like wheat, spelt, and barley, making themnon gratawhen it comes to a strict low-carb eating plan like keto. ROYO is perfectly acceptable to incorporate into a keto lifestylea rare breed among breads. As a final bonus, ROYO is now certified kosher by both OK Kosher and cRc organizations. So, no matter your dietary preference or restriction, we’ve got ya!