Spotlight On Sesame

Sesame Seeds in a Bowl


By now, we know the extensive benefits of superfoods like flaxseed, which are one of the main ingredients in every single ROYO product. But in addition to other powerhouse ingredients like fiber-packed whole psyllium husk and oat bran, there’s another superstar in town that many of us may overlook: sesame!

Thesesame flavored ROYO bread is not only one of the most delicious options from both the brand and the healthy bread category; it’s also chock full of nutrition thanks to its namesake ingredient. 

Let’s start withthe facts: white sesame is a husked seed rich in healthy oils that gives it its distinctive golden-brown hue. The seed has been shown to help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels thanks to naturally occurring lignans, as well as lower blood pressure and inflammation, and boost bone health. Sesame is also the hair-skin-nails kind of seed; and it’s no secret that most of us need a little extra love in that department. Whatcan’t this powerhouse do?

To dive deeper, we have black sesame and white sesame. What’s the difference, you ask? There actually is a difference in flavornot just colorbetween them; black sesame, which is black because it still contains its fiber-rich husk, is nuttier, earthier, and more bitter, while white sesame has a more robust flavor and light sweetness, which is probably the taste you usually associate with sesame. But which type to choose? We don’t like to make choices at ROYO, so we’ve got both.

Sesame ROYO contains black sesame as an ingredient incorporated into the dough, while white sesame is used as a topping in some loaves (hint: Sesame flavor!). In addition to being heart-healthy, auseful type of fat, and helpful in keeping our bones strong, sesame has a unique and delicious flavor (ever try tahini?) that can’t easily be replicated. Its nuttiness lends a hearty quality to bread without packing in the calories of more calorie-dense foods like walnuts. 

So, the jury’s out: sesame is the all-in ingredient that provides delicious taste and a ton of wellness-promoting properties that are simply tough to refuse.