New Year’s Resolutions

As we steadily approach the end of this calendar year, many of our minds jump to the inevitable topic of New Year’s Resolutions. What are things we will do next year to try to ensure that 2023 goeseven better than 2022? Which healthy habits would we like to commit to, for our own sakes?

For that reason, we’ve decided to share some of our very own ROYO Bread Co. Staff Members’ New Years Resolutions in the hope they might inspire you, or at the very least spark conversations with loved ones about how best to level up in 2023.

Yoel (Co-founder): Travel

"This year I would like to spend more of my free time traveling. Whether it’s a quick getaway to upstate NY, or a longer trip out of the country. I always get inspired when I travel, especially when it comes to food."

Ronit (Co-founder): Self Care

"My new year's resolution is to spend more time on self-care. I am go go go all day and before you know it the week is over and I haven't spent time
on the things that I truly enjoy doing."

Doreen (Co-Founder): New Language

"Duolingo here I come! This year I want to commit to getting better at Spanish. I can hold a basic conversation, but id like to do better than that. So, I’ve promised to complete one hour a week in Spanish lessons this year."

Gil (Co-Founder): Cook More

“Being so busy, I’ve been guilty of neglecting the kitchen. That’s why I’d like to spend more time cooking this year. Italian and Mediterranean cuisines are my favorite so I’m on the hunt for some delicious and unique recipes.

Naomi (Copywriter): Meditation

“I’d like to focus on committing to my meditation practice in 2023. I use an awesome app called Headspace, which I love, but I’m not always consistent with it. My aim is to commit to 10 minutes of meditation at the start of each day, as I always find myself in a much calmer, better place after doing so.”

Amanda (Social Media Director): Clean Eating

“For me, I’d like to focus on eating clean and maintaining a healthy diet. I love a sweet treat, but it doesn’t always make me feel great afterwards. I would like to focus on filling my plates with natural, clean, ingredients, ensuring that I’m eating a large portion of vegetables or salad with every meal."


Gabrielle (Graphic Designer): New Hobby

“I am always looking for new ways to practice mindfulness and this year I am so excited to really dedicate myself to journaling. Writing down goals, habits, or even a gratitude list is a really useful tool in staying present when life feels crazy! I am so excited to hold myself accountable and make this goal happen for myself this year. Can’t wait to cozy up with my journal and a delish ROYO sandwich this winter.”


Happy New Year, ROYO-ers! May 2023 be your best year yet (and filled with delicious ROYO goodness!).