Q+A with Liv Method's Pro Trainer Emma!

Pro Trainer Emma Liv Method

Photographer: David Sauerhoff


How did you become so passionate about fitness and food? 

    • I have always loved food and started working out consistently in high school, but it wasn't until I was diagnosed with PCOS that my fitness journey got serious. I needed to look past my aesthetic goals and start finding a fitness routine and diet to keep my endocrine system working correctly. 
    How important is diet in getting the results you want in the gym?
      • No matter what your fitness goals are, getting your nutrition in check is key. If you are relying too heavily on your workouts to counteract how you are fueling your body - you won't be happy with the results. Also, if you are not fueling your body correctly -- your time in the gym will not be effective! 
      What is the number one thing your clients struggle with when it comes to healthy eating?
        • I would say most struggle with finding convenient, easy meals to make or take on the go that won't derail their nutrition goals. Other than that, getting enough protein!!!
        If you’re short on time, what’s one quick and nourishing meal that you can grab on the go? 
          • Something I have been loving recently is a peanut butter sandwich with banana and honey right before a workout. The concept definitely is not revolutionary, but having it on ROYO cinnamon raisin bread.. absolutely is! The added boost of protein keeps me satisfied, but still tastes like I'm indulging! 
          What is your favorite thing to make with ROYO Bread? 
            • I have been LOVING this quick and easy breakfast on the Za'ataar ROYO Bread - toasted, spread with goat cheese, add some pesto and then you top it with soft scrambled eggs and a pinch of flakey sea salt.... OMG you have to try it. Then there are all the other classics; grilled cheese, french toast, I've even toasted up ROYO Bread in some olive oil and garlic and used it as croutons!
            What do you think about the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen”? 
            • Well, we all have abs, but we uncover our abs in the kitchen! If one of your goals is to see your abs shine through you HAVE to know what's going into your body! 
            If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is in a rut with their health and fitness journey, what would it be?
            • I'd say don't try to change everything all at once and that consistency truly is the most important thing.  Find one beneficial thing you can commit to and make it a habit. Small, deliberate and consistent habits lead to sustainable change! Also be kind to yourself, progress isn't perfectly linear. You can't expect to have the best workout every time you walk into the gym. Consistently showing up for yourself and keeping up the routines that make you feel your best is MUCH more important. 


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