ROYO's Quest for the Perfect Low Carb Burger Bun

Are you a brand-new ROYO Bread Co. fanatic, or a long-time lover of our delicious, low carb, vegan and kosher baked goods? (No judgement – we welcome both parties with open arms!)

If you identify with the latter, you may remember our burger buns of days gone by… A few years back, we introduced burger buns to our healthy bread roster. Free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives, our fluffy buns were perfect for sloppy joes, breakfast sandwiches, and long weekend cookouts. 

But (as you may beunsurprised to learn), the team here at ROYO Bread Co. are nothing but perfectionists. We are constantly striving for better taste, better texture, and better ingredients – and our burger buns were no different.

While we can’t get enough of flaxseed as a powerhouse, fiber-filled ingredient, the flaxseed flavor in our original recipe was a little too strong for our taste. We knew there were a couple of key adjustments we wanted to make to our buns. So, we got right to it.

So, without further ado… after months of hard work, recipe development and finessing, we aresoproud and excited to introduce to you our new and improved Low Carb Burger Buns. With only 90 calories and 7g Net Carbs per bun, plus a whopping 22g of Fiber, these are guaranteed to blow you away with nutrition, texture,and delectable taste.

We’re thrilled to see how excited our ROYO community is, too! Our social media has been blowing up with your comments and enthusiasm for the return of the Burger Buns, and we can’t wait for you to try these.

One thing we truly love about creating the tastiest, healthiest products for our ROYO-ers is watching you so easily be able to switch out high-calorie, high-carb, less nutritionally dense baked goods for clean, vegan, alternatives with a natural ingredients list that is todie for. 

So, are you ready for another life-changing, healthy adjustment to your diet? Try your first pack of 6 buns today, and don’t forget to let us know what you think. We can’t wait for your feedback!