The Sneaky 'Added Sugar' You Want To Look Out For


When it comes to eating the foods we love, moderation is key, they say. So even an ingredient like sugar, in moderate amounts, should not adversely affect our health. Why, then, does sugar pose such a prominent problem in the common diet? 

For starters, our portions are totally out of control. What does “moderation” even mean to us? The American Heart Association recommends eating up to justsix teaspoons of added sugar a day, and nine for men. (For perspective, a can of regular soda has about ten teaspoons.) Meanwhile, the average American eats (and drinks) about 51 teaspoons in a single day!

The perils that arise from the quantity of sugar consumed in the modern American diet were brought to the national stage years ago in large part byMichelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign as well as illuminating documentaries likeFed Up, which, with the help of media personality Katie Couric and many health experts, painted a grim picture of how sugar negatively affects our lifestyles. For the past several years, mainstream health experts have agreed that too much sugar along with other elements of a poor routine is a culprit in many negative health outcomes in America.

The overconsumption of sugar, which is rampant in the American diet, has been linked to a number of adverse health conditions like diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, andeven liver disease. Sugar is sneaky, too,going by many names on labels, hidden in our processed foods. High amounts of sugar are present in common foods that we don’t even typically associate with sweetness or dessert, like ketchup, yogurt, sports drinks...and, yep...bread. 

ROYO is one of the only breads on the market that does not contain sugar. All ingredients are listed on our website and on the label, and, because we value a minimally processed. healthy bite, you will not find added sugar on our labels. When wedo consume sugar, it should be naturally occurring and come alongside a lot of fiber to help digest it (think fruits, veggies, and any variety of ROYO). As part of a wholesome diet, RoYo can help you feel satisfied and full and keep you on track to keeping your sugar consumption low throughout the day (and year). Sweet!


Jasmine Dilmanian is a writer and editor based in New York who always has an eye on the latest in personal health. As of late, she has contributed to the Heavenly Tea Leaves blog and worked with NYT best-selling author and mental wellness guru, Jessica Joines. Jasmine has contributed to various lifestyle and fashion publications including The New YorkerTown & CountryNew York magazine/The Cut, Womenswear DailyTravel + Leisure, Tablet, and Time Out. Proficient in multiple languages, Jasmine's interests include travel, health, interior design (Instagram: @downfordecor), media, music, fashion, and politics.