Getting into the Groove: A Healthy Morning Routine


Are you a morning person...or not at all? Many of us fall somewhere in between morning thriver and night owl, but forallof us, mornings are inevitable. They greet me in particular with a hard smack and an uncalled-for reminder of everything that’s in store for the day. And so, I’ve chosen to make the best of mine instead of dreading them.

Many of us grew up not putting much thought into our routines in general, let alone the specific morning rituals that set the tone for each day. It’s true that we’ve experienced some breakfast-forward ideas: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”; “Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper.” As it turns out, science now says thatallmeals are important, not just breakfast. But having a lackluster breakfast, or skipping it instead of embracing it, may not serve our bodies well.

Of course, breakfast is just one part of a wholesome and balanced morning routine. Studies show thatvigorous exercise in the morning, for example, sets the stage for making more sound food decisions throughout the day and helps with focus. So, without further ado, here are the elements of a satisfying morning routine as prescribed by yours truly:

  1. Wake up without procrastinating! (They say the snooze button isno bueno for oursleep cycles.) Wake up early enough so that you have time to be thorough enough with all the steps of your routine before you head to work or school.
  2. Meditate. This could be whatever you make it: prayer, stretching, yoga, just some positive thinking, or breathing exercises.
  3. Use the bathroom (preferably with aSquatty Potty to get all the good stuff out!). Wash up and exfoliate (I loveNuria scrub andUrsa Major moisturizer)! Floss! Pluck! Primp! Weigh yourself to keep yourself accountable (anEtekcity scale does the trick)!
  4. Drink water and take any supplements as recommended by your physician. Lemon in your water is a plus. Try to avoid caffeine pre-exercise.
  5. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Go for a run, do a virtual kickboxing class, or do some yoga or pilates. Get moving! If you’re a novice, start small by going for a brisk walk around the block. 
  6. Cool down and drink more water. At this point, drink that matcha or coffee too, of you please. Then, a hot or cold shower can help invigorate you and change your body chemistry. 
  7. Breakfast time! My go-to is a toasted slice of sesame ROYO bread with sliced avocado, cumin, chia seeds (for crunch), olive oil, and Maldon salt. Or a slice of za'atar ROYO breadwith scrambled organic eggs (did somebody say protein?).
  8. Get ready for your day. Remember, looking your best is feeling your best. Dress to flatter your body and if makeup or a certain hairdo makes you feel good, go for it. 

And voilà! You have now gone through your full morning routine, which will likely help you reduce stress, keep organized, and make better choices throughout the day. How will you start yours?

Jasmine Dilmanian is a writer and editor based in New York who always has an eye on the latest in personal health. As of late, she has contributed to the Heavenly Tea Leaves blog and worked with NYT best-selling author and mental wellness guru, Jessica Joines. Jasmine has contributed to various lifestyle and fashion publications including The New YorkerTown & CountryNew York magazine/The Cut, Womenswear DailyTravel + Leisure, Tablet, and Time Out. Proficient in multiple languages, Jasmine's interests include travel, health, interior design (Instagram: @downfordecor), media, music, fashion, and politics.