The PurelyPodcast: Sitting Down with Healthy Baked Goods Company ROYO Bread Co.

On this episode, Alysia Pope (host of The PurelyPodcast), sits down with Yoel Halaf. Yoel and his wife Ronit are the Co-Founders and CEO's of ROYO Bread Co. ROYO Bread Co. is a healthy baked goods company that makes delicious low carb alternatives, replacing traditionally high carb foods with delicious low carb/low calorie options. It all began in 2019, when Yoel and Ronit (a registered dietitian!) set out on a quest to create healthy low carb bread without any artificial flavors and unfamiliar ingredients, which led them to create the Classic Low Carb High Protein ROYO bread: a thoughtfully crafted high protein, high fiber, low carb bread made with clean, plant based ingredients & zero sugar, instead of artificial sweeteners and harmful preservatives. Now, they have a line of over 8 products (and more on the way)!

Yoel's background in chemical manufacturing has surprisingly prepared him for the scientific nature and painstaking precision of baking bread! Through creativity, persistence, and sheer determination, Yoel and Ronit were able to create the most delicious low carb products that are now enjoyed by thousands of customers nationwide!

In this episode, Alysia and Yoel discuss:

  • The founding of Royo Bread Co.
  • The difference between the bread in Israel & the US
  • The ingredients Royo chose purposefully to use + leave out based on their nutritional value
  • Hidden sugars in products such as breads + when they can be harmful
  • The importance of fiber in our diet + in the Royo products
  • The new products on the horizon for Royo Bread Co.

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