Say Goodbye,

Baked goods you crave - without all the net carbs, calories, and sugar

A New Kind of Baked Good

30 Calories

Calorie smart so you can eat what you want, when you want.

2g Net Carbs

You won't be feeling sluggish or heavy after eating.

High Fiber

Hit your daily intake of fiber and stay full longer.

Quality Ingredients

Packed with flaxseed, psylium husks and apple cider vinegar.

Same look, same feel, same taste

New York's favorite breakfast just got an upgrade. Enjoy a healthier alternative that has 93% less carbs and tastes too good to be true.

How we stack up

The bite of your dreams

ROYO has that classic texture and flavor you know and love, but it is also made with fiber rich and clean ingredients that support digestive health and weight control.

We missed eating the foods we loved most. So we went to the kitchen and experimented for months to create something that makes you feel better after you eat it.

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