How ROYO Bread Fits into a Vegan Diet

Whether you lead a strictly vegan lifestyle, are trying to incorporate more vegan meals into your daily life, or simply enjoy the way vegan foods make you feel every now and again, the following doubt may have crossed your mind: is bread vegan or not!?

Understandably, there is some confusion surrounding this topic. While the most basic homemade bread recipes (often using a combination of flour, yeast, oil, water, sugar, and salt) are indeed vegan, many of the offerings you’ll find in your local bakery or supermarket include add-ons of animal origin. These include eggs, honey, butter, and milk, often used to modify flavor and/or texture.

The best way to tell if the bread you are considering buying is vegan or not is, firstly, to check if it features an official Vegan symbol on the label. If it doesn’t, never fear! You can also manually examine the bread’s ingredients list; if you don’t immediately see anything non-vegan on there, you should be good to go. 

However, it is important to be aware that certain mono and diglycerides, as well as specific types of lecithin (an emulsifier normally derived from soybeans, but sometimes derived from egg yolks) have the potential to contain animal by-products. 

As it can be difficult to tell exactly which types of mono and diglycerides or lecithin have been used in a product, it’s best to avoid products containing these altogether when following a strictly vegan diet.

When we dreamt up ROYO Bread Co., we made it a priority to create 100% vegan (and 100% delicious!) recipes for our 30-Calorie Low Carb Artisan Bread and Low Carb Keto Friendly Bagels. (Please note: our Low Carb Burger Buns do contain eggs). We wanted as many people as possible to be able to share the love and enjoy our low-carb, superfood-rich baked goods that leave you feeling satisfied and satiated, but never heavy. 

Using plant-based proteins such as flax seeds and wheat gluten means that ROYO bread provides key nutrients (and a great boost of fiber!), while slotting perfectly into a healthy, vegan lifestyle.

Just picture a perfectly toasted slice of Artisan Bread topped with your favorite tofu and spinach scramble. Or how about a fluffy and ever-so-slightly sweet Cinnamon Raisin Low Carb New York Bagel topped with peanut butter and jelly to satisfy that afternoon snack craving?

The possibilities are endless, so go forth and enjoy, vegan friends! P.S.: don’t forget to share your vegan culinary creations with us on Instagram at @eatroyo! We’d absolutely love to see them.