How ROYO Fits into the Weight Watchers Diet

One question we are often asked by customers (both old and new!) is whether ROYO bread is a suitable option for those who are following the Weight Watchers diet. 

First things first - we’d just like to tell you it’s a wholehearted YES from us! Our low carb, high protein bread options are most definitely compatible with the various versions of the Weight Watchers diet, and here’s how:

Highly recommended by medical professionals, Weight Watchers - named the best diet for weight loss in 2022 (for the 12th year in a row!) - has become a household name in the world of healthy, sustainable diet plans

How does it work? Well, it’s a points-based diet designed especially for you and your individual needs. It doesn’t restrict any particular nutritional category or specific food, but rather works to allow you to consume all of the foods you enjoy, in balance and moderation.

Today, we’re here to explain how our delicious ROYO bread fits into the Weight Watchers diet. Read on for more…

ROYO bread loaves and bagels are:

This is even more apparent when you compare them to popular, store-bought varieties!

And what else is full of lean protein, fiber, and healthy fats and low in added sugars and saturated fats? The food items on Weight Watchers’ ZeroPoint foods list, of course! (Foods that can technically be consumed in unlimited quantities on the Weight Watchers diet, while still staying on track!). 

Depending on each person’s individual needs, ROYO bread and bagels may or may not feature on your ZeroPoint list – however, they are guaranteed to be low in points (and high in flavor!).

So, nothing to fear! ROYO bread and the Weight Watchers diet go together like peanut butter and jelly (or lox and cream cheese, or grilled cheese and tomato soup, or… okay, now we’re making ourselves hungry). 

Making the right food choices for your health and wellbeing is always worthwhile, and the ROYO Bread Co. team wish you the best of luck on your journey! Enjoy the sandwiches and bread-based treats you love, and spread the word to your fellow WW friends and family members!