Too. Much. Sugar. What are the Consequences?

Too much sugar is bad for you” - it’s a fact we all seem to inherently know, and often repeat to ourselves and our children. But if someone were to ask you to explain exactlywhytoo much sugar is bad for you (let’s say, for $10,000… gotta make things interesting, right?), would you be able to do so?

While most of us know that we should be avoiding sugar in large quantities, many of us are not so clear as towhy.So, we thought we’d give you a brief overview of the negative consequences of too much sugar on the body.

Too much sugar:

  • Increases your Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • There’s a clear link between consuming excessive amounts of sugar and developing Type 2 diabetes. Part of this comes down to the fact that sugar-heavy diets are more likely to lead to obesity, one of the highest risk factors for diabetes.

  • May Increase your Risk of Heart Disease

  • Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide. Unfortunately, consuming too much sugar can further increase your risk of developing this disease, due to factors such as artery clogging, obesity, inflammation and an increase in blood sugar and pressure levels.

  • Can Cause Weight Gain

  • Did you know that sugar (particularly in the form of fructose) actually makes you hungrier when you eat it? It doesn’t satiate you; in fact, it often makes you crave even more sugary foods, making you more likely to eat more and, subsequently, gain weight.

  • Negatively Impacts your Mood and Energy Levels

  • After the initial “sugar high” or burst of energy, comes that dreaded sugar crash – we’ve all been there. Many people feel anxious, jittery, and low energy after consuming an abundance of added sugar, and studies have even linked high sugar consumption to a greater risk of depression in adults.

  • Can Cause Liver Damage

  • It may surprise you to know it’s not just alcohol that has a negative impact on your liver! The processing of fructose, and breaking it down into fat, takes place in the liver. An excess of fructose can damage this organ, causing fatty liver disease

  • Accelerates Skin Ageing

  • Want perfect looking skin? Cut down on sugar! Sugar consumption is directly linked to inflammation, which in turn damages collagen and elastin in your skin, making it age faster. Some studies also link high sugar diets to an increased risk of acne.

  • Can Cause Tooth Decay

  • We hate to say it, but mom and dad were right all along… eating too much candy and chocolate, and/or drinking too many sugary beverages, causes tooth decay. Sugar that lingers in your mouth attracts bacteria that causes cavities.

    And there you have it! We hope this short blog has given you a better insight into the negative impacts of sugar on the body. While it may all seem a little “doom and gloom”, remember that it’s never too late to start making healthier choices! One easy one we’d recommend? Avoiding supermarket sugary breads and checking out these low-carb, low calorie, 1g sugar options instead!

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